Billionaire & Bodyguard

The Billionaire and The Bodyguard is a series of three m/m erotic romance novelettes with scenes containing dirty talk, masturbation, first time sex, and double-penetration:

bill&bod 3


HARD STOP  – Book One
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Narcotics-cop-turned-bodyguard Mitchell Graves finds himself assigned to protect James Russo, a billionaire senator’s son and mayoral hopeful. Russo’s advisor and campaign manager, Alice Hartman, has no love for Mitchell. But she knows the young cop — and his unwavering, inexplicable dedication to Russo — will be useful… Especially since Russo likes booze too much, likes sex too much, and isn’t into waiting for a decorous time to engage in either one.
Despite Hartman’s warnings, the assignment borders on boring for Mitchell, even as the unspoken attraction between bodyguard and billionaire heats up. A slave to his sex drive and true to his nature, Russo takes matters into his own hands — pushing Mitchell to his limits with an office encounter — and putting his bodyguard into more danger than the young police officer ever saw on the streets.

HOT SHOT – Book Two
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Young cop and bodyguard Mitchell Graves earns his keep — and his first time in a billionaire’s bed — with mayor-to-be James Russo in this next installment of The Billionaire and the Bodyguard.
After Russo pushes them past the limits of professionalism, Graves’ dedication and training are put to the test when a madman takes a shot at Russo. What started as a borderline boring assignment now spirals, the two men’s fates becoming inextricably linked.

MIDDLE MAN – Book Three
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“How would you feel about being between the two of us — full of Brookedge’s two most powerful men? Telling you how good you are, Mitchell. How perfect you feel…”
The year has been full of firsts for young cop-turned-bodyguard Mitchell Graves. First political assignment protecting a billionaire senator’s son. First time in that same billionaire’s bed.
And though this won’t be his first threesome, what mayor-to-be James Russo proposes to Graves that day is an entirely new way of being taken. Graves can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have the two men at once
What starts as a relationship of chance after the bodyguard pushes Commissioner William Marek out of the way of a madman’s bullet is about to continue and intensify exponentially under the meticulous direction of Russo.