Off the Record

Three seasoned editors. Three young journalism interns. Everything else that happens is off the record.

Off the Record is a series of m/m erotic romance novelettes — lighthearted and low-stakes, but still steamy.

THE INTERNSHIP  – Prologue + Story One
The Internship on Amazon

Max Goddard doesn’t fit the mold of newspaper editor. Tattooed, abrasive, and reckless, Goddard has a bad track record keeping interns around at his alt weekly. But ambitious reporter Kent Rhodes is up to the challenge.

What starts as a harmless crush on his editor transforms into a growing frustration with the man — but Kent is willing to put up with Max’s cursing and rough flirting if it means he’ll get the chance to do some real reporting.

Eager to prove himself, Kent’s instincts lead him to the middle of a scandal that will rock the county and get the alt weekly more attention that he knows what to do with. The college senior is out of his depth. When he turns to Max for guidance, though, their dynamic begins to shift.

Could the internship — and the scoop — be the start of something that lasts longer than a semester?

The Overachiever on Amazon

Matt knows the last thing in the world he needs is to develop feelings for anintern.

So what if Robby Sheridan is easy to talk to, more talented than he knows, and possibly the easiest person to talk to that Matt has ever encountered? The college senior is out of his league — and even if he weren’t, there’s no waydating an intern in his 20s is a good idea. And yet…. here he is. Robby just seems to bring out the worst in him.

There’s something about Matt Osborn that Robby can’t put his finger on. The community news editor is passionate about what he does, casually good-looking, and effortlessly talented.

Robby jumps at the opportunity to become Matt’s intern. Never in his life did Robby believe he’d become an overachiever. And yet… here he is. Matt just seems to bring out the best in him.

AFTER HOURS – Book Three + Epilogue
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It seems like the word “intimidating” is simply not in the vocabulary of British exchange student Iain Bresson.

Sports desk chief Dale Howard is more than a little impressed by his intern reporter. At first he thought the college senior was all talk — but Dale quickly learns that Iain is motivated, talented, and has a deadly smile to match.

Iain gets what he wants, too: landing the most exclusive internship in town, scoring media passes to the highest-profile sporting event of the year, and he’s even managing to secure two tickets to a gala where media normally never tread.

But when the intern lets it fly that it’s Dale Iain wants as a date to the event, the editor begins to see their relationship in a new light. Is it possible that all of the Iain’s flirting wasn’t just talk?