Scientists & Sexbots

Scientists & Sexbots is a series of three m/f erotic romance scifi novelettes with scenes containing first time sex, sex dreams, and more to come:

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In 2028, Sex Drives are the way of the future. The new technology makes dedicated sex bots the ultimate naughty toy, allowing the robots who have always been designed for sex to now lust for their human partners. At first, the technology stays in the sex bot factories. But in a private lab, one scientist has done the unthinkable: he’s installed Sex Drives in his artificially intelligent bots. And even though none of them were designed for pleasure, he’s found the bots to be very willing partners.
Vivian King had never planned on getting physical with any of the three bots that she and her husband created. But Cort, the youngest bot, has a voracious curiosity, and jumps at the opportunity to be the next robot recipient of a Sex Drive.
Viv simply wanted to let Cort control his own destiny — not volunteer to be his first time. But even as she struggles with the implications, she can’t help but become fascinated with the thought of sex with a robot. Cort’s stature, all-American good looks, and eagerness to please certainly make it easier and easier for her to say yes…

THE UPGRADE: Coming in Mid-January

STORY THREE (TBA): Coming Late January